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Never take a BLS class ever again..

Hi, I'm Justin Alcalde.

I've been providing CPR certifications to professionals in Southern California for over 4 years, and trained 10,000+ students. 

In the past, the only people who pursued BLS Instructor Certificates were those who wanted to work as an instructor. 

But there's no reason why you can't get one too, even if you have no intention of working as an instructor and just want to use it in place of your regular BLS certification. 

And like I said in the email, all you have to do is pay the $99 fee every 2 years (no in-person training required) and you never have to take another CPR class ever again. 

Main Benefits of becoming a BLS Instructor :

  • Never take a BLS class ever again (just in case you forgot)

  • Further your education

  • Resume booster

  • If your work/organization does require you to renew your BLS card. I can offer you one free of charge

To receive your BLS Instructor Certification...


1. Click BUY NOW below

2. Complete the online course

3. Read the Instructor Training e-book

3. And receive your BLS Instructor Certificate

Sound too good to be true?

Here's the official word from the American Heart Association that if you click the BUY NOW button above, you'll never have to take another in-person CPR certification course ever again:

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Just Saving Lives Customer Reviews

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Ready to do this?


You're just one click away from never taking another in-person CPR class ever again...

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